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Quality care services for the elderly.

The significant and ongoing increase in lifespan in the UK highlights the need for high quality care services for the elderly..


Elderly Care

We provide elderly care, so they don’t need family. Taking care of older family members can disrupt their lives because they must work outside the home and cannot always help them.


Physical Disabilities.

We personalize care based on physical, emotional, and mental needs. This service isn’t fast-paced. It’s about offering the greatest care to meet clients’ demands. We want people to feel better, look forward to visits, be proud of their appearance, eliminate isolation, and retain life’s dignity.


Brain Injuries

At Sawbridge Primecare, we believe people with brain injuries can live a happy and healthy life with the correct assistance.

We’ve helped people with brain injuries live better in their homes and communities for years. Families around the country trust us to offer care for life, adapting to changing requirements.

Who We Are

We Provide Total Senior Healthcare Solutions

We take extra effort to hire people with the appropriate expertise, competence, and tact.


Excellent Protection

Additionally, we provide one-on-one assistance to service users wherever they may be—at home, in a day program, or out in the community. 


Special Medical Care

Our in-home care specialists can offer the following services:

  • Hourly care
  • Overnight care
What We Offer

Services We Offer

Our services include assistance in or out of bed in the morning or evening, assistance with personal and domiciliary care, support with household chores, support with any necessary medication, providing friendly company for those living alone, and support with using public transport  and escorting on journeys. We also provide 24×7 respite and convalescent care to help you recover from any severe condition by sailing smoothly through the bad phase. These apart, our social and holiday care ensures you never have to feel alone and troubled when carrying out your daily off-premises chores like paying the bills


Special Medical Care

Individuals having:
Greater level of autonomy, maximise their independence engage in the activities internally and externally they enjoy


Personalized Assistance

Sawbridge Primecare delivers personalized care based on client needs and goals. The medical system can be convoluted, making care management difficult. We construct a care plan with our customers, their families, and their doctors. We always promote our clients’ health and well-being.


Assisted Living

Residential facilities providing support and care for seniors who need help with daily activities, fostering independence and well-being.


Supported living accommodation

Supported living accommodation refers to housing arrangements where individuals with disabilities or special needs receive personalized support to live independently, promoting their autonomy and social integration.


Dementia Care

We help people daily to manage dementia and memory loss. One of our handpicked carers will maintain your loved one’s daily routines and lessen the pressure on your family – offering an alternative to care facilities.


24*7 Hours Emergency

Emergency services or assistance are available and accessible around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without any interruptions.

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